The CLEAR Model

The CLEAR Model tool outlines the 5 basic building blocks of culturally validating pedagogy:

  • Culture
    Emphasizes the human purpose of what is being learned and its relationship to the stakeholders’ own culture.

  • Learning 
    Encourages stakeholders to make choices in content and assessment methods based on their experiences, values, needs, and strengths.

  • Equitable
    Respectful learning environments in which stakeholders racial, social, linguistic, ethnic and cultural diversity is valued and contributes to the learning experience.

  • Achievement
    Includes multiple ways to represent knowledge and skills and allow for attainment of outcomes at different points in time.

  • Responsive
    Through positive relationships, rigorous learning experiences are created involving higher order thinking and critical analysis used to address relevant, real(ness) world issues in an action-oriented manner.


These building blocks outline the quintessential components that must be present in Environment, Instruction, and Content (three components of pedagogy) to ensure equitable learning structures are in place which support stakeholders centered experiences. The CLEAR Model is the foundation. All other Intercultural Innovations Inc. (I3) system tools are built on it and interact with it. 

“Neuroscience has demonstrated that all brains are predisposed for high intellectual performances and the imperative for self-actualization.”
—Dr. Yvette Jackson