Systems Tools

Intercultural Innovations Incorporated (I3) has established copyrighted system tools that will provide the general structure and framework for collective work. These tools are required to systemize the work and will be utilized throughout the training to establish a common language and direction. These tools include The I.M.P.A.C.T. Model (Individuals Making Positive Accelerated Change Together, The CLEAR Model, The 3Cs of Change, Capacity Equation, The CLEAR Solutions Framework, The 4R Equation, Situational Adaptive Leadership, and Participatory Consciousness. The overviews below are shared further on individual pages through the links on this page and on the main menu above.

  • The Capacity Equation
      • The Capacity Equation tool allows for formative and summative assessments that can direct what is needed for building capacity, and what capacity is currently present for individuals and intuitions. The Capacity Equation is a practical tool that allows for differentiation to support overall capacity building.
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  • The 3Cs of Change
      • Consciousness, Conviction, and Commitment must be identified for both individuals and institutions as part of transformational change leading to organizational excellence and equity. The 3 Cs of Change tool provides a simple and replicable platform for assessment. Using the 3 Cs of Change, both individuals and systems can determine where they are in the journey and decide where they want to go.
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  • The CLEAR Model
  • The Clear Solutions Framework
      • The CLEAR Solutions Framework tool allows for direct application in the critical analysis process. The use of The CLEAR Solutions Framework tool provides a consistent and systematic approach to problem-solving and strategic decisions making which supports educational excellence and equity.
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  • The 4R Equation
  • Situational Adaptive Leadership
      • The foresight to embrace and utilize the ability, education, experience, knowledge, responsibility, values and willingness, of the individual or group to engage in the process of “Participatory Consciousness” to help bring about sustainable change impacting entire systems.
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  • Participatory Consciousness