CLEAR Executive Cabinet and/or Board of Director

This process utilizes system language for organizational leadership to effectively build capacity ((Knowledge + Skill) x Will = Capacity) in critical cultural literacy. Senior leaders learn how to use The CLEAR Solutions Framework in decision-making. This capacity provides direction that transforms systems. Senior leadership is able to connect all the I3 sessions to provide direct application of the work which influences policy and procedures. This process is based on shared ownership and accountability through Participatory Consciousness

Leaders will also engage with The CLEAR Model to strengthen their capacity in Culturally Validating Leadership (CVL).

Specific areas of focus:

  • Identify systemic factors affecting performance 
  • Shared leadership and accountability 
  • Support continuous improvement
  • Handbooks
  • Calendars
  • Employee policies
  • Environment
  • Official DEI structures

All I3 courses utilize our copyrighted The 3 Cs of Change to provide the foundation for the work. The two, 3-hour sessions provide theoretical foundations and direct application that is focused on building critical consciousness, conviction, and commitments in critical cultural literacy.

This training is designed to operationalize DEI principles in senior leadership roles. It is a natural progression to utilize and apply what has been learned.