3 Cs of Change

Consciousness, Conviction, and Commitment must be identified for both individuals and institutions as part of transformational change leading to excellence and equity. The 3 Cs of Change tool provides a simple and replicable platform for assessment. Using The 3 Cs of Change, both individuals and systems can determine where they are in the journey and decide where they want to go.


  • Thinking – quantitative
  • Feeling – qualitative
  • Personal
  • Isolate racial / social identities
  • Multiple perspectives


  • Mental models
  • Beliefs
  • Morals
  • Values


  • Examine the normative set of values and believes
  • Acting – doing something that impacts lived racial, social and marginalized experiences

“If you want to make a difference in the world it means you have to be different than the world you see.”
Jamey Jasta